Iphone app showing control screen on a iphone

Physical switches and input devices are expensive and prone to failure in wet and harsh environments such as sewers, underground treatment and rural installations. CleanBlu® has adopted the smartphone/tablet approach to measure and control its systems. iBlu™ software allows control of hundreds of systems with one single Smartphone or tablet wirelessly from anywhere in the world. iBlu™ provides visual capability and direct connectivity to each system, remotely alerting the centralized database to criteria changes allowing accurately timed transitions between bioremediation and BluFuel™ modes. Evolving functionality and augmented reality increase product security making counterfeiting our technology extremely difficult. Your smart phone holds more computing power than NASA had to land on the moon. The time has come to do something really important with it - like cleaning dirty water, making clean fuel - producing clean energy - saving the planet for real - and - yes, all from your smartphone.

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