CleanBlu Lift Station Treatment system

Urban runoff exists as surface water runoff created by urbanization. This runoff is a major source of flooding and water pollution in built-up areas worldwide and has wide ranging sources including rainwater, over watering of landscapes and wash water. Aside from removal of trash treatment of urban runoff rarely exists before it reaches the storm drain system.CleanBlu Urban Runoff Treatment Systems offer a unique and versatile solution to treat and reuse urban runoff. Scalable and adaptable CleanBlu systems support installation in virtually all situations and any enclosure both open and closed. CleanBlu Urban Runoff Treatment Systems support installation in catchment basins, river banks, dams, deflectors, holding basins, diverters, and any body of water deep enough to contain CleanBlu Bio-Elements. CleanBlu Urban Runoff Treatment Systems provide cost effective treatment solutions for reuse of runoff water in urban environments.