CleanBlu® embraces change with its unique patented technologies. A scalable, ecologically sound approach to waste and wastewater remediation and recycling reflects the determined vision of its founders. The decision to abandon old technologies and replace them with newer ones more suited to our environment can cause a case of the jitters for a lot of people. Taking the leap, even though the advantages are plain to see, takes a certain determination to embrace change. The media is awash with news and articles demanding that we increase energy sustainability, conserve and reuse depleting water supplies, reduce climate change and develop cleaner, more efficient technologies. Scientific visionaries at CleanBlu® predicted these needs some 20 years ago and have since developed the ultimate in wastewater treatment and biofuel production technology. CleanBlu® continues to pioneer new energy and water technologies to improve our planet for the cultures that inhabit it, right now, for the future of mankind.