CleanBlu Lift Station Treatment system

Storm water becomes a resource of increasing importance as human demand exceeds availability of water. Storm water harvesting combined with DEWATS provides the crucial solution allowing urban environments to become self-sustaining.Almost all storm water becomes highly contaminated as it traverses over polluted surfaces before entering rivers, lakes, oceans, aquifers and the groundwater table. Rainwater harvesting and treatment of storm water will prevent this pollution source while also providing a new and valuable water source for urban communities.CleanBlu Storm Water Treatment Systems offer a unique and versatile solution to treat and reuse storm water. Scalable and adaptable CleanBlu systems support installation in virtually all situations and any enclosure both open and closed. CleanBlu Storm Water Treatment Systems support installation in catchment basins, river banks, dams, deflectors, holding basins, diverters, and any body of water deep enough to contain CleanBlu Bio-Elements. CleanBlu Storm Water Treatment Systems provide cost effective treatment solutions for reuse of storm water in urban environments.