Cleanblu Soil Decontamination

CleanBlu® has considerable experience in soil decontamination and after Germany's reunification in 1990 decontaminated more than 600,000 tons of contaminated soil in former East Germany. Contaminants range from diesel to heavy metals to PCB's and dioxins. Various methods for soil cleaning can be used, however, our system washes the soil with air and a specially formulated surfactant (detergent) in highly modified dumpster trucks at a rate of 40 ton/hour, per system. The resulting wash-water contains contaminants and requires processing before disposal. To address this need, CleanBlu® developed its Bio-Reactor systems in the late 1980's, which processed these complex waste streams on-site relieving the need for costly transportation. A large proportion of the fundamental CleanBlu® wastewater system design is routed in the initial development of processing water from soil decontamination operations.