Cleanblu Septic System Conversion System

Nearly one in four households in the United States depends on an individual septic system or small community cluster system to treat their wastewater.Onsite wastewater systems include a wide range of individual and cluster treatment systems that process household and commercial sewage. An estimated 10 to 20 percent of these systems malfunction each year, causing pollution to the environment and creating a risk to public health. As well as being unreliable they produce foul odors, pollute the ground water table and require large leach fields. Lack of maintenance is probably the main reason for the high malfunction rate with owners installing them and then forgetting about them.CleanBlu® has developed its CleanBluGRS™ technology as a retrofit system to existing septic systems alleviating the need for high maintenance, eliminating foul odors, reducing pollution to the ground water table and eliminating the need for leach fields. Using CleanBluGRS™ technology household waste that was once anaerobic, toxic and a problem that no one wanted to deal with can now produce safe, 100% reusable Title 22 water for irrigation use. Further processing techniques, such as ozonation would make the water available for any use including fresh water.