Cleanblu Produced water treatment

Produced water from the oil industry has been considered by many as the "holy grail" of industrial wastewater processing and despite massive efforts from the entire industry no cost effective solution has come forth. Produced water is a constant byproduct of oil and gas production. Residual oily water remains after the chemical separation process of the crude oil. On a large industrial scale this separation process is not efficient and the oil and gas industry is left with huge quantities of produced oily water containing chemicals used in the separation process. Current disposal methods require transportation of produced water from offshore to land to inject it into dry oil wells. This method is considered a significant impairment of existing ground water sources and regulations have become more stringent with dry oil wells being placed far from populated areas and drinking water wells becoming increasingly scarce. Using CleanBlu® containerized systems will, at least in part, solve this problem by bioremediating the oil content in the produced water. Substantial cost savings are expected while providing a sustainable solution for the safe disposal of produced water.