Cleanblu marine systems

All floating vessels small and large are required to have Marine Sanitation Devices (MSD), which are designed to prevent the discharge of untreated sewage. Regulations for disposal are governed by the Clean Water Act and is implemented jointly by the EPA and Coast Guard. Large vessels must chemically treat wastewater prior to discharge and must meet limits of no more than 200 fecal coliforms per 100 milliliters and no more than 150 milligrams per liter of suspended solids. There are a number of deficiencies with this regulatory structure affecting large vessels with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimiation System (NPDES) program and MSD regulations conflicting causing inadequate compliance and monitoring of such by ship companies and the Coast Guard. However, greywater can be safely discharged by vessels almost anywhere iliminating the need to store contaminated wastewater for long periods and then dumping it further out at sea, a health hazard as recent outbreaks on cruise ships have demonstrated. CleanBlu® Portable Wastewater Treatment systems offer a complete solution for the processing of wastewater especially on larger ocean going vessels. Portable Wastewater Treatments systems can be installed as standalone systems or can be combined with Hybrid DEWATS Bilge systems to process and reuse 100% wastewater and even FOG from its galleys. Please see Hybrid DEWATS Ship Bilge systems for more information.