CleanBlu Fuel Recovery system

More recently, CleanBluGRS™ has been further developed with the option to convert FOG into high grade, low sulfur feedstock called BluFuel™. It allows complete conversion of FOG waste into BluFuel™ ready for transportation to a local biofuel refinery. CleanBluGRS™ patented technology process can be extended to virtually all hydrocarbon-containing wastes, making it the single largest source of alternative fuel available today. Many resources have been consumed attempting to extract renewable fuels from the brown-grease waste accumulated in grease interceptors. Results have been largely unsuccessful due to the small amounts of fuel being produced, the production of hazardous byproducts, water wastage and the need for expensive chemicals and energy. CleanBlu® patented smart technology turns this obsolete science on its head pretreating the brown-grease at its inception, right inside the grease interceptor. Stabilization and reduction of sulfur occurs immediately the grease enters the GI vastly reducing the free fatty acid production and thus arresting hydrolysis. CleanBlu® treats all of the water content of brown-grease, eliminating pathogens and foul smelling odors.There are absolutely no hazardous byproducts, no water wastage, no chemicals and CleanBlu® can be powered by a single solar panel.