Green microbes in rod form
CleanBlu microbial factory floor

BluBio™ - combining the artistry of microbes and applied science. For over 20 years BluBio™ has developed, grown and manufactured microbial and nutritional blends for a wide variety of applications. To ensure optimum performance, BluBio™ meticulously designs and blends cultures from natural sources to deliver adaptive and customized products to its clients.
Selectively adapted bacterial cultures and formulations for:

  • Organic degradation

  • Plant growth enhancers

  • Odor control

  • FOG (Fats, Oils, Grease) Elimination

  • Nitrogen fixation

  • Nitrogen assimilation

  • Nitrifying

  • Sulfur oxidizing

  • Sulfur reducing

  • Phosphorous solubilizing

  • Vegetative and spore

  • Hydrocarbon remediation

  • Enzymatic concentrates

  • Enzymatic formulations

  • Custom fermentation and proprietary products

  • Ultra high efficiency oxygen transfer (aeration)

  • Bio-reactors, oil water separators

  • Polymers for oil, grease, metal, and suspended solids separation

Made in USA