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The CleanBlu® patented Bio-Element is scalable to address almost any treatment challenge. By injecting air into the bottom of the Bio-Element the waste liquid is circulated within the media tubes allowing BluBio™ microbes to form a biofilm. The same air also supplies the oxygen for the microbial biofilm to aerobically bioremediate (biologically reduce) the waste. Since the Bio-Elements are continuously exposed to toxic waste the CleanBlu® design team purposely engineered them without any moving parts making their failure almost nonexistent. They are also 100% recyclable, extremely economical, and easy to maintain and replace. The top of the Bio-Element is equipped with a camera and a LED array, which acts as a sensor and is capable of analyzing the waste. It also produces a live feed video that can be viewed remotely via iBlu™.Explore the Bio-Element by hovering over the yellow areas to learn more.

Made in USA