CleanBlu Bio-Augmentation system

Virtually any modern wastewater treatment plant relies on microbiology to clean its water. Naturally occurring microbes already present in the wastewater are recirculated in the "activated sludge" and then pumped through the plant in an effort to bioremediate the wastewater. This process uses vast amounts of energy, remains largely uncontrolled and does nothing to reduce sludge output and therefore its disposal. While some attention is given to the type of microbes present in the activated sludge, nutritional needs of the microbial cultures and successful transfer remain largely ignored. As a result of this lack of control even modern wastewater treatment plants are far less effective than their potential and constantly struggle to meet demand. CleanBlu® has developed BluBio™, proprietary blends of microbial cultures customized for individual applications. BluBio's™ Bio-Augmentation system continuously grows selected and specialized, but naturally occurring microbial cultures that are perfectly adapted and nutritionally balanced. These microbes are injected into the wastewater treatment plant at various strategic points providing additional advanced microbiology and greatly reducing energy usage and sludge production.This highly cost-effective and fully automated system enables wastewater treatment plants to operate to a higher standard with more efficiency and control without the need for structural or hardware modifications, while saving tens of thousands of dollars in energy and sludge disposal each day.